January 29: This Week’s Top 5

This Week's Top 5This Week’s Top 5 is a collection of helpful tools, products, practices, articles, and all kinds of other things I stumble upon each week. I only write about products that I’ve used and actually like. Have an idea for something that should be on my Top 5? Let me know in the comments!


Turbovote. Especially as Millennials who are likely to be bouncing around the country throughout our careers, it’s easy to forgot to vote in the state we’re registered…or to register to vote at all. Turbovote is a super-simple online and mobile platform to help youFullSizeRender register, as well as do things like request an absentee ballot. They emailed me a few days ago with an already-filled out PDF that I just had to print out, sign, and mail to Georgia to request my absentee ballot for the Democratic primary. They can also send you text alerts and help you find where to vote. Let’s ignore the fact that I spelled my county’s name wrong on this envelope. At least I’ll be votin’.

Contigo to-go cups. My biggest problem for my obsessive coffee and tea drinking is that I drink really slowly. If I put a drink in a to-go cup, it’s always cold by the time I get to my destination, or it spills. I’m really glad I finally got one of these Contigo travel mugs. They’re not lyin’ when they say it’ll keep your drinks hot or cold for literally hours. It also has a really snazzy lock feature so that you can toss a full mug in your bag and know that it won’t spill. I also got an accompanying tea strainer that clips inside the Contigo. Obsessed. 

IMG_6270Rearranging things. Do you ever walk into your room and feel a staleness, and you get that urge to buy something to liven up the room? Before you turn to retail therapy (which doesn’t work that well anyway), try changing up the layout of the room. Look for objects that no longer bring you joy and donate them. Move things around into a new arrangement. It’ll bring new energy into the room, I promise. Actually,  I do this at the shop I work at sometimes–we’ll move existing merchandise around, and suddenly it’s flying off the shelves. Plus, rearranging is a great way to take stock of what you actually have and decide if it’s time to donate things. A few days ago I rearranged the top of my dresser (which is my “vanity” area) and feel like I got a whole new space.

10 Common Things Well-Intentioned Allies Do That Are Actually Counterproductive (here). Are you ever talking to a so-called SJW (Social Justice Warrior) only to feel like they’re more concerned about being an ally than taking steps to actually be one? I found this article helpful to articulate some of the things that all of us do that are counterproductive to being effective allies. Good reading for all. Via Everyday Feminism

coast and clearing

Coast & Clearing charcoal face masks. I found Coast & Clearing on Etsy a few months ago and have become quite a convert. I wanted to try a charcoal mask on my face for a while, so I tried Charlene’s Black Beach Activated Charcoal mask. Not only did it clear my skin–it was actually really fun! The clay dries on your face and feels simultaneously weird and wonderful. It removes gunk from your pores as it dries, and then you wash it off after 20-30 minutes. I tried the $2.25 sample size, was immediately converted, and bought a 2-ounce jar ($9.75). Definitely also take a look at her other awesome products–I’ve used her salt and sugar scrubs, and I adore the Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil perfume, which I roll on in the morning and at night and inhale for a minute. Obsessed. 

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