I also clearly enjoy french fries more than I enjoy most people.
I also clearly enjoy french fries more than I enjoy most people.

Caroline James, Georgetown University class of 2016.

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Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m a senior at Georgetown University in Washington, DC originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

Adventures in Adulting came out of a strange set of circumstances. Having been several credits ahead of schedule to graduate, but not wanting to graduate in December, I’m a part-time student this spring of 2016. While I’d been planning on being part-time since I went abroad, I had figured that I’d be on the job hunt for most of the spring of my senior year. I was surprised and very lucky to land a job offer in the fall for post-graduation with Deloitte Consulting, where I will be starting in August.

So I made the very Millennial decision that I would take on an internship for the spring while I’m only taking one class, only to be very much shunned by the job market and and denied from at least fifteen internships and jobs for spring 2016 (oh, the irony…considering I have the job security for post-graduation).

At first what arose in me was a muffled panic; what on earth was I going to do to be productive with all of that time for a whole semester (and probably a good bit of the summer)?

Then it struck me what a wonderful question that was, what a fantastic dilemma I happened to be in. I have almost nothing I really have to do between now and, well, when I become an adult come August.* Here I am, with about seven months until The Real World,** and I can dive into some of the things I’ve been wanting or needing to do throughout the time I’ve been at Georgetown.

And so, without further ado, let me give you a sense of what kinds of topics you can expect on this blog:

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Adulting: It’s a weird time of life, and it happens to require that I learn things like how to find an apartment, how to manage being in activist in a world that doesn’t want you to be, and how to manage your finances when you’re kind of on your own payroll but also on your parents’. And everything in between.

Books: There are a lot of books out there. Read along with me.

Cooking: Making healthy and tasty food for one or two is harder than it looks. I’ll be trying meatless and almost-meatless cooking options throughout the year, so follow along!

DIY: Why buy it when you can DIY it? Look here for crafts that reuse items instead of wasting them, as well as easy ways to to make things for your home or office.

Professional: Looking for jobs and internships is perhaps one of the strangest things that Millennials are experiencing in a new way. I have some advice on making that search a little easier and transitioning from college life to professional life.

Profiles: Millennials are an amazing group. Read profiles of other people who are trying to adult. They’re making more of it than you’d think.

…and lots lots more: you’ll find some wild cards on here too, like products, apps, or habits that are helpful, opinions about nature and the environment, style articles, life in DC, and more.

*(I say this with some irony, since obviously no switch goes off on August 1st that makes me somehow An Adult. But Millennials are in a strange situation, with much of adulthood delayed in ways our parents did not experience. And so now, for us, college is often a long period of transitioning into a life that isn’t completely on our parents’ payroll. To be 22 today often means feeling simultaneously like a grown-up but also like you have absolutely no idea what a 401k is or if that cut actually requires an emergency room visit and wondering if candy for dinner really is such a bad thing.)

**(Also, I’m a proponent of the idea that no part of life isn’t “The Real World” and so we should stop treating life like it’s always a rehearsal or preparation for something bigger, but you get what I mean. Job, apartment, paycheck, and hopefully the occasional bottle of red wine.)

I’ve also given a TED Talk about my experience being arrested for civil disobedience.

If you are interested in being featured on Adventures in Adulting, or if you are interested in advertising, please contact me at carolinejames36@gmail.com.

I’m also constantly on Pinterest because it helps me organize projects, visuals, and aspirations. Check out my way-too-many pins below.


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